Over the last month I’ve written multiple blogs for clients…some took me just a few minutes to write, others required research and fact checks. These blogs need to sound like the person I’m writing for…their voice in print. And when I’ve never actually met the client face to face, it can be daunting task.

In a recent blog post, I wrote about sugar and its effects on those trying to lose weight. That article took about 45 minutes to compose. I had to do some digging to make sure the words I was using to describe weight lose, absorption and digestion were accurate and something my client would say.

For another post I shared about the savings of going to Mexico for a particular surgery as compared to prices in the United States for the same procedure. Other blogs I’ve talked about people’s perceptions and how it affects their decisions on price and value.

Corporate ghostwriting (and ghost blogging) is about helping a client build trust through content creation that enables their clients to know more information and make an informed decision. Ghostwriting is meant to mimic the voice of the person hiring you to make their communications stand out.

Can it lead to a sale? Yes! Does it have to? No!

All writing tells a story through the use of words that empower, that compel, that motivate or strike fear… the words you use, need to be genuine and heartfelt…regardless if selling, educating or simple communicating.

Words have power…no doubt, right?

Those same words when written by a ghostwriter need to conform to your personality and trigger in your audience the same reactions as if reading from your works and not someone else. Yep, not all ghostwriters are equal and some aren’t even as sweet as sugar…haha, you see what I did there? A little writing humor!

Nuances matter, as does humor, inflection and common sense…but hey, some ghostwriters just write whatever and hope their client’s clients don’t notice. When hiring a ghostwriter make sure they can write, communicate, have written before (preferably some of their own) and know how to share your voice with the world.

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