This morning I received this message in my LinkedIn inbox…

Dear Rob,

As I know how precious your time is, I have prepared a brief introduction to (company name) and the services we offer.

I would really appreciate it if you would spare few minutes to read and familiarise yourself with my company. We are currently providing cleaning services to a huge number of companies throughout Greater London. In addition to the cleaning itself we can take care of cleaning products supply and similar complementary duties to ensure the premises are immaculately clean. A description of what we offer can be found at:

(Website link)

Furthermore, for a short video presenting our services please follow the link below.

(Youtube video)

We have been honoured with 16 accreditations and these are the result of our commitment to continuous improvement in order to meet and exceed client expectations and industry standards. A full list of our accreditations can be found here:

(another website link)

(Company name) has worked with thousands of clients, both commercial and private and I can assure you that we can deliver service that is worth every penny, including (a bunch of companies in the UK) If you would like to see how we differ and stand out from our competitors please have a look here:

(yet another website link)

We would provide you with expert advice and recommendation with regards to cleaning methods and resources required to achieve best results as well as frequency of service to maintain the desired level of hygiene in your premises. I would be very grateful if you were to consider adding us to your database. We would be delighted at the opportunity to tender for any of your upcoming cleaning opportunities or arrange for a meeting so that we can discuss how to moving towards being an approved supplier of yours. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours sincerely, (name of sender)

Not sure of their definition of “brief” because the message was 6 paragraphs long containing 4 links to their various services…in the Greater London area. How does that help me in any way, shape or form?

So basically they wasted my very precious time. 🙁

As with all social media – its designed so you communicate with your fans, friends and followers in a way they can know, like and trust you. Yet, the majority use it to spam their marketing message in hopes to gain new clients.

Unfortunately as this message clearly shows, the sender didn’t adequately screen their list to determine who was in their demographic area. And in essence wasted the time of all those receiving this message who didn’t live in Greater London or the surrounding area.

And if they were so concerned with “precious time” as they state in their email they should have shortened their message to no more than one paragraph with only one outbound link.

Sadly, spammers gonna spam…and some just don’t care about building a relationship with their followers, they just want their message seen by as my eyeballs as possible. Okay, if your goal is to create a short term business that has no desire to last more than a few years then maybe your philosophy of spamming people will do the trick. However, if your end game is creating a business that attracts the rights types of clients to help sustain your business for years, decades or even longer than you need to build trust with your audience and learn how to market wisely. That means, using LinkedIn wisely.

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