How does peanut butter and jelly relate to social media?

Here I share my thoughts on why PB&J, although a fast and nutritious everyday food, can indeed become bland and boring over time. I also share why this staple of society can help those creating content for social media become better at what they do. Watch the video or skip and read the transcript.

Good morning. Hey, today I’m going to talk about PB&J and your social media. Now, for those who have never experienced what PB&J is, it’s peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Okay, now how does that relate to social media? Well, typically when you’re a kid, you enjoy and PB&J every single day. Then you get a little older and you say, “PB&J is getting old.” Well, in social media, people who post the same stuff every day, it’s like eating your PB&J. If you’re going to be posting the same videos day in and day out, that’s your PB&J. Or writing the same blog posts day in and day out, that’s the PB&J that you’re giving to your clients, or your fans, friends, and followers.

After a while, they’re not going to want it. They want variety. That’s what social media’s all about. It’s okay to give someone a PB&J sandwich every now and then, but on social media, no. You got to mix it up, you got to give variety. If you’re doing videos every single day, bring it back a little bit. Do videos once a week. If you’re doing blogs every day, same thing. Blog once a week. You have to mix it up. What I’m saying is that in your variety of posts that you put out there every day, or you’re supposed to put out there every day, don’t put the same stuff. Share some memes, share some quotes, share testimonials. Share how you helped a client, or do a spotlight on a client. Everyday can be something different.

Instead of posting videos every single day, post it on a Thursday, post your blogs on Wednesday. Do a motivation Monday, do a weekend wisdom. Just like your PB&J, people get tired of eating the same stuff, they get tired of reading the same stuff. Mix it up. Once you mix it up, you friends, fans, and followers will start to engage with you, and they’re going to like what you post. Yeah, I know some of you like PB&J. I like em’ too, but I don’t want to eat them every single day. I don’t want to see the same stuff being posted every single day from your social media. It’s just not how it works. If you want to engage with people, if you want to get people to enjoy what you’re putting out there, mix it up, give them variety.

No more PB&J’s every single day. Give them variety. This is Rob Anspach. I hope you enjoyed this. I know you’re probably now hungry for a PB&J. I might go out and have one for lunch, but it’s probably going to be the only one I have this month. Talk to you later.

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