Everyone has a tipping point.

In email marketing it’s when a person say’s I’ve had enough take me off your list.

And depending on the person receiving said email it could be anywhere from the first day to years down the road. Although typically a subscriber doesn’t reach the “tipping point” the first week of subscribing…for them they are testing the waters of what you are offering.

Just recently, I received an email from a subscriber who opted in to my list back in 2011. That’s over an decade ago. She said…”STOP emailing me, please.” Her message was rude and polite at the same time, until…

I replied that the email she replied on was not in the system and I asked if there was another email she could have used.

Wait Rob, didn’t you say her email wasn’t in the system so how could she be a subscriber for that many years? Yes, I will get to that, just let me finish the story.

I receive…”FFS, remove me from your list now”.

I reply, “Wish I could, since your email is not the one on file you will have to go to the link at the bottom of the email and unsubscribe.”

I’m over 50 years old and thought I’ve read every curse word imaginable…but her reply to me…well, let’s just say I learned a few more.

Yup, she reached her tipping point and then went ballistic.

Okay back to that subscriber and how I found out her correct email. In her curse word laced tirade back to me, she shared 3 emails she might have used. The first one was a match. Why she just didn’t use the unsubscribe link I don’t know.

Anyway I looked over her account in my email subscriber service and she had opened and read the last 100 emails I sent out. And from 2011 to 2018 she probably had read another 300 plus emails.

So why now? Why get all bent out of shape to remove herself? Goes back to “tipping point”.

This is precisely why I email my subscribers every day. Well, not to piss them off or have them send me new curse words I can add to my repertoire. No, not at all. It’s to get those who no longer want my information off my list. I want them to get to that “tipping point” and remove themselves.

Those that stick around tend to appreciate the knowledge and experience I share, they click on the links in the email and either buy or refer me to others that buy my products or services.

Some might ponder, why not try to convince her to stay or not to email so frequently that it upsets people. The frequency of the emails plays very little in when a person experiences their “tipping point”. Everyone is different and honestly there is no point trying to convince someone to stay. Let them go.

If you haven’t experienced your first “tipping point” subscriber…you will. And, if you have, I would love to hear your story.

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