The other day I received a text from someone I hadn’t heard from in a long time.

In fact, this person went out of their way to slander me 4 years ago on social media, which yes felt like a stab in the back. But in reality, they were helping me clean up my fan base. You see once the person posted the negative comment some of the mutual friends we had sided with the person and unfriended me. Sure I was pissed. But none of them would have become clients anyway. They were in essence following the leader and doing what the leader wanted them to do. And since I wasn’t a follower, I was kicked to the curb. But that’s okay, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and moved on.
So back to the other day… I get a text from this person and apparently me writing 20 books offends this person. And I shouldn’t be helping any client without a degree in journalism. Which apparently this person worked hard to get. So basically we are to remain in roles that are decided upon by others based on a piece of a paper hanging from a wall.
I don’t play that game.
Nor, do I allow others to dictate where I go, what I do or how I help others in life.
I’m a big believer in “changing your stars” and if you want to rise above and become someone new, doing something different or becoming the most powerful or richest person in the world, don’t let anyone stop you. Don’t let the fact that you are missing a degree or money or whatever it is someone thinks you need stop you from achieving what you want from life.
Push forward. Take action. Ignore the haters.
Become the person you dream of becoming, not what others think you should be.

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