When you rely on selling your products through one online vendor and they decide for whatever reason they don’t want to continue that relationship how will your business survive?

I ask this question to many entrepreneurs who rely on Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook or even YouTube as their main resource to making online sales.

Most say “ah, that’ll never happen”…until it does.

I’ve seen Amazon pull the plug on many name brand products so why can’t they do it to you? What makes you different than a multi-million dollar company? I’ve seen YouTube kick so-called “influencers” off their network. So don’t tell me it’s can’t happen.

In fact, I would argue you are more susceptible to get pulled because in all honesty you don’t make enough in sales. And in the eyes of some of these billion dollar networks, your little sale doesn’t even equal 1/10th of 1% of their daily volume.

So again, how will your business survive if Amazon or Shopify or any other online retailer decides you aren’t worth the effort anymore?

Never ever rely on just one online company to sell your products through.

Sell through all them equally.

Make it a point to tell your audience they can find your products in multiple places.

That way if one network decides to stop selling your products you are still making money selling through other networks.

Sadly though, and I mentioned this in a previous blog, unless you control the platform you have no say in how your content is shown.

And, if YouTube, or any platform for that matter, decides that you are no longer welcome on their network, others might follow suit and boot you too.

I’ve seen million dollar companies wiped out overnight because their video or post was deemed controversial or the outcry from the public was extreme and the network said enough was enough.

YouTube recently made it a point to address what they considered a detriment to society, even though its a constitutionally protected act in the United States, YouTube didn’t want it on their channel anymore. So they informed the public that gun manufacturing videos and how to gun videos would no longer be accepted and existing videos would be removed.

Facebook, Twitter and Google have all banned cryptocurrency ads on their respective channels to help stem the tide of fraud, so they say. Now, I’m not a fan of Bitcoin, but do you see what I mean about it can never happen? It has happened. And continues to happen.

Since you don’t control these networks, you can be kicked off at anytime.

So, it’s always in your best interest that when telling people where to find you, the first place to tell them is in places that you control.

Here’s the article I mentioned above…”Control Your Own Platform”

Control Your Own Platform

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