Sounds hyped up doesn’t it?

It really isn’t.

Yet few businesses do it. Or do it well.

Even big companies like Disney, Hilton, Universal… could improve.

And what they could improve is the “Follow Up”.

Yup…the follow up can make or break the relationship with the customer.

And like I said it’s easier than you realize, but requires a little bit of your time to implement.


Well let me say this… most companies when they get a new or repeat client only send out one email confirming the call.


“Hi {first name},

Thanks for your call, 

{recap the call or service}

{Contact info}


Kind of boring if you ask me.

Oh, but they include their logo to make it more appealing in some way.

Sadly, that’s most companies “Follow Up” after the initial customer call in.

And forget about the “Follow Up” after the client has received the service.

Seriously though… how many times have you received…


“Hi {first name},

Thank again for putting you trust in us and 

{recapping the service provided}

{then some plea to come back soon}

{Contact info}


Sure that email would be boring and you’d probably forget receiving something like that, but what if…

…you did remember?

Not because it was boring…but because it WOW’d you.

It amazed you.

It was different.

As soon as you received it, you wanted to book again.

And gave the sender a greater opportunity to create bond with their customer while “pre-selling the upsell”.

What? You never heard of that term… “pre-selling the upsell”.


I’ve been teaching that for over a decade. And basically it goes like this…

You send a customer something (email, text, chat, mailable letter) that gives them an idea of what services you deliver beyond what they’ve already booked. And maybe a coupon to try one or all of those services. You are pre-selling them before they experience your service. This way whomever they are interacting with doesn’t have to push a sale…the customer is upselling themselves.

But why settle for one letter or email trying to presell a customer on your services. Why not more?

Why not send out 2, 3, 5, 10, 25, 100, 365?

You’re shaking your head thinking that’s ridiculous, right?

Well it’s not.

In fact, those companies who follow up with their potential and existing clients on a regular basis not only sell more, and get more referrals but have clients who become lifelong cheerleaders.

But here’s how you can really kick it up a notch… oh yeah,

I’m giving my secrets away.

Include in your follow up emails a personalized video.

Like I said at the beginning…it takes a bit of time.


Record short videos (under a minute) that…

  • welcome your customer
  • get your customer excited about your company
  • remind your customer to take action
  • pre-sell the upsell


Yeah…and you have can have a whole series of videos, sequenced to go out on particular days.

Say you’re Disney and someone wants to stay at your resort.

But their booked reservation isn’t for another 60 days.


You would…

Day 1 – Send out an initial followup email with a personalized video

Day 2 – 50 – Send out daily videos (from different cast members) saying how excited they are to see you, plus trivia and information on restaurants and things to do.

Days 51-60 – Do a 10 day count down with each day sharing something new


Every sequenced video email is designed to increase customer happiness while informing the customer of all the extra’s you offer that they could spend money on.

Yet, few companies do it.

Now what if you were a guest at Disney and everyday on your vacation you received two video emails (or texts) – one in the morning and one in the evening – that asked how your vacation was, what you might need, tips for the day or what could be improved.

And say at the bottom of all those emails was a coupon or mention of a restaurant or something you didn’t know you needed but was glad it was there.

Now you might be asking why video and not just a regular email?

Three words…video is personal.

Getting a video from someone is more rememberable than just a plain ole email.

And including your staff (or Cast members in Disney’s case) in those videos gives the receiver not only something they start to look forward to, but a way to feel more connected to the business providing the service. And as such…more referrals from those connected customers.

As to a follow up after the service…

Creating a sequence video email thanking the customer for their purchase, including information on additional services offered, asking for reviews, including your referral reward program…oh the list goes on and on. But realize the key is keeping the customer coming back time and time again.

And since advertising is very expensive, why not create a system that caters to your clients and gets them to recruit new clients for you. As I stated multiple times, it takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it in the end.

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