It just doesn’t make sense to be everywhere in the social verse if your potential clients aren’t on those networks.

Understand the audience and why you’re on social media.

Being on 20 social networks doesn’t make sense if 80% of your business comes from 2-3 networks.

Oh but you’re told it’s all about the ROI (return on your investment).

But really…what is your ROI?

To most people it’s the time they put into creating content, posting, responding and engaging with their audience, their fans, friends and followers.

You need to understand the time trade off for each network and how fans react on each one.

Once you understand that human dynamic you can point your fans to where you want the conversation to be.

So, if someone says to you “You have to be on such and such network”, yet you see no reason to be there or see no profit in the time you have to dedicate putting content there…then don’t be there.

It’s as simple as that.

Do you know about the 80/20 rule!

It’s actually called Pareto’s Principle…but most people just say the 80/20 rule.

It’s named after Vilfredo Pareto.

Well, back in 1906 Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, observed that eighty percent of the land was owned by just twenty percent of the citizens. He also discovered something weird… eighty percent of his peas in his garden were produced by just twenty percent of the peapods.

Now I’m sure that as an economist he thought long and hard about the information he had gathered… and probably wondered if it applies to all things. And, he soon discovered that yes, it can be applied to all things.

Now imagine, how powerful this information is and yet how few follow it.

The premise is that 80% of your business comes from just 20% of your resources.

So say you have 10 networks that you post to regularly. If we applied the 80/20 rule to those 10 social networks this is what happens…

About 20% of them ( 2 networks ) will produce 80% of your traffic, sales, inquiries, etc.

And yet, because most people don’t understand the power of the 80/20 rule they spend countless hours focusing on trying to get those other 8 networks to make them money.

So it’s not worth your time trying to squeeze another 20% in profit from the other 80% of resources.

That’s just insane.

Why dedicate that much time and energy?

Use what is profitable and remove what is not.

For me personally Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram are where I gain my clients and that’s where my focus is. But Facebook is where I generate the conversations that lead to the sales.

Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google+, Quora, Vimeo are all great networks but they don’t resonate with me. I don’t spend time on them. I know what they’ll about and how to use them, but to me it’s too much.


Now look back at the numbers…is losing twenty percent of your income worth not having to work as hard… I say it is.

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