Ah, so you have facts to back your opinion up do you…

and where do those facts come from…

  • the internet?
  • the news media?
  • snopes?
  • your political party?
  • your friends on social media?
In most cases those facts that you are spouting off have been curated by someone to prove a point.
Sure, they look legit, but the data has been spun to make it look like conclusive proof.
So, those facts…may not be facts at all, but, merely someone’s intrepretation of the data.
And if enough people shared that misinformation, others will start to believe it to be true.
Well, it happens everyday!
The media pumps out stories, fabricates the truth, then it’s shared across the globe. Then re-spun to fit individual’s agendas, then it’s re-shared.
And so on and so forth.
We’ve become a society that can’t tell fact from fiction. We crave to be entertained, and we believe what we want to believe, regardless if it’s true or not.
And that’s a fact, jack!

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