Rob your price to optimize my website is 3x higher than what my web guy is charging me, what gives?

Are you trying to rip people off?

Me: Let me answer that with a question…would you prefer to own a Ford Pinto or a Ferrari F8 Spider.

Them: Well the Ferrari of course.

Me: So if you could afford a finely tuned sports car like a Ferrari then is it really a rip off?

Them: Well, no.

Me: But me providing you a level of value that’s superior to how your web guy is presently SEO’ing your site is?

Them: So are you the Ferrari?

Me: I am – and here’s why. My job is to make sure your site is not only seen by the search engines but when it shows up in the results people are looking for – it’s a head turner, a feeling of excitement and they say “wow, that’s what I need right now.” 

Them: So my guy is the Pinto?

Me: Typically yes, they built you what appears to be a solid website, unfortunately it rarely shows up in search rankings, and just lingers in the far reaches of the inter-webs gathering dust. Most web guys don’t understand the dynamics of keywords and how to use those keywords to rank faster in the search results. They think ranking you for 3-5 industry standard keywords is the norm.

Them: So why is your method different.

Me: What makes me the Ferrari is that I don’t settle for just 3-5 industry standard keywords. The way I optimize a site I could have you ranking for 30-50 or more keywords that cover the analytical (how people think), the psychological (how people behave) and the emotional (how people feel) because it’s those keywords that will outrank industry terms all day long, eliminate tire kickers and attract the very client you wish to work with.

Them: When can we get started.

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