Discover Card scammers called…

Is this Robert?
Me: Yup
Sir, we have reason to believe your card ending in XXXX is compromised and we will need to issue you a new one.
Me: XXXX you say
Yes Sir
Me: Okay but that’s not the number of my card.
Sir what do you mean?
Me: What part of that’s not the number of my card did you not understand?
Sir, that is the number we have on file.
Me: Well its wrong
Sir could you please read off the last 4 numbers then?
Me: Nope
Sir your card starts with 6011 right?
Me: All Discover numbers start with 6011
Sir please read the entire number of the card.
Me: Nope
Sir we will have no choice but to cancel the card
Me: Go ahead
Sir, I dont think you understand the seriousness of this situation
Me: Please explain
No Sir just give the card numbers so I can verify your information
Me: Nope, not happening
Sir you are irritating me and not helping your situation
Me: Good, I have no obligation to help you in your investigation in solving my situation
Me: I’m not helping you
Well Sir I’m trying to help you
Me: Don’t want it, didn’t ask for it, don’t need it.
Me: Peddle your scam on someone else
{they hung up}

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