Hey I get it…

…your State said you need to shut your business down (until such time as they determine) and now you are forced to lay off employees and eliminate all expenses even marketing.

Unfortunately, marketing is the lifeblood that attracts the clients to come to you. When marketing is shut down your business suffers exponential harm.

If you are still marketing, then clients are seeing you and calling, and most times you can schedule the client out a few weeks. If you are not marketing on the day the State says “Okay get back to normal” you won’t be ready. You’ll have to fire up that lifeblood and get it pumping again. Unfortunately, people may have already scheduled with someone whose marketing they already saw and now you lost a client.

Your marketing doesn’t have to be at the scale it was prior to the crisis but it does need to keep working.

Social media is a great way to let your clients know you are thinking of them, you care about them, and when the lockdown is over you will be there to help them.

Share your Videos and Content to your social network.

?Get those videos created…live or recorded…doesn’t matter…do them.

Take all the questions you have ever been asked by clients and turn each one into a video. My buddy Gerry Oginski (a NY Personal Injury Lawyer) has taken this method to the extreme and has 3000 videos on Youtube that have clients calling him everyday of the year non stop.

Here’s what you do…
1) Pose A Question
2) Introduce Yourself
3) Answer The Question (and only that question)
4) Give People A Way To Contact You (phone, web, etc)

Or be like Kelly Chang Rickert (a California Divorce Attorney) who turned to TikTok to spread the message that divorce doesn’t have to be nasty…and she’s gotten her husband and kids involved. In the last 30 days she’s become a celebrity of sorts and has garnered almost 50,000 followers. So cool.

?Now as to the content you need to share on your Facebook, LinkedIn or even Twitter…

  • Share Famous Quotes
  • Share Music & Movies
  • Share Testimonials
  • Share Successes & Failures
  • Share Where You’re Eating
  • Share Your Past (unless of course if you are under Witness Relocation protection, then that’s not a good idea)
  • Share Your Passions
  • Share Your Process (what makes your system of doing things better)
  • Share Pictures
  • Share The News (except Covid 19 we are all sick of hearing about it)
  • Share Your Products & Services

It’s not difficult, it just takes a little planning.

If you need help, reach out…I craft over 750 social posts a month for clients…I’ve even written a couple books on social media, so yeah I sort of have this stuff down to a science.

The whole point is…keep marketing…your clients need to know you’re still there for them. The crisis is temporary…your business shutting down for good is permanent.

Keep your business alive…keep that marketing pumping.

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