Hey Rob we would really like your team to rebuild our website.

Me: Great!

Them: But we got a super cheap price from another company.

Me: Okay then go with them.

Them: But we want your team.

Me: So do you want cheap or do you want me and my team?

Them: Well can you lower your price?

Me: No!

Them: Well I would like to share their price with you and what they are offering.

{price is 60% less and missing half of what we included}

Me: Their price and service doesn’t even compare with what we are offering.

Them: But we need a lower price.

Me: Then go with the other company.

Them: But we would like your team.

Me: This is a circular conversation.

Them: A what?

Me: We are going round and round and you’re not hearing what I’m saying.

Them: Yes I am, we just need a lower price.

Me: Think of my price as the more value centric price when you factor in all the extra stuff we are giving you that the other company isn’t.

Them: Why didn’t you say that before?

{Me totally ignoring his question}

Me: Let me know if you need anything else.

Them: Will get back to you in an hour.

{15 minutes later}

Them: Hey Rob, my team still wants a lower price.

Me: We had this conversation before, my answer hasn’t changed.

Them: But…

Me: Here I’ll make it easy for you… hire the other company. In fact, give me their number and I’ll accept their deal on your behalf.

Them: What?

Me: Look if you want my team then my price is the price – if you want a lower price you need to go somewhere else.

{I hung up}

*Received email 20 minutes later asking for a lower price.

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