I’ve always been a big believer in simplicity.

So, what I’m about to share with you could ultimately have you rethinking your whole elevator speech.

Yes, your elevator speech! That 15-30 second micro-commercial about your business that’s supposed to compel someone to express some sort of excitement about you, and want whatever it is you’re selling.

Stop using it!

Toss it!

It’s crap anyway!

And, honestly no one gives 2 rips about it.

So back to the simplicity of it all.

Use six words to create curiosity!

Yep, just six words.

The below statements are just examples…

“I help people get Google ranked!”

“I eliminate the frustration of fear!”

“I teach self control in others!”

“I create edible works of art!”

Sure it starts with “I” and maybe it sounds a bit arrogant…but in reality it builds curiosity and shows your unique strengths and why people need to listen up.

So if I approached you and asked, “hey what do you do?”, and you responded…

“I’m here to save you money?”

I would most likely want to know more. And would probably ask a ton of questions because now I’m curious.

The next time you are at a BNI or referral based meeting, don’t use your typical elevator speech, switch it up with a 6 word intro, proceeded with…

“Would you like to know how?” (yep, 6 more words)

So, your initial statement being 6 words that create curiosity, coupled with a 6 word question will have people clamoring to know more. You become the authority by using simplicity as your weapon.

The moment someone responds, “HOW” or “YES” to your questions is the moment you become the authority and now you can answer them with what you do.

“I create art from nuclear rods!”

Huh? What? Really? Tell me more!

Six words is all it takes to create curiosity and have potential clients primed for doing business with you.

In this age of overselling and 101 different ways to convince someone why they should buy from you, I find that simplicity always pays off. And it’s a great trust builder.

And honestly, the more complicated your process the more confusing it will be for potential customers.

This is just one of the many things I teach entrepreneurs to help them improve their art of being a better entrepreneur, but as easy as it sounds…trying a simpler approach isn’t always simple.

Because our brains and body don’t believe that simple is better we concoct confusing systems and cockamamie ideas in order to be better salesmen, the moment simplicity is thrown in the mix, sales happen because it’s more natural.

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