This morning on one of the many Facebook groups I belong to a question was posed that struck me as peculiar. A question that most entrepreneurs would never get asked and probably not be prepared to give an answer to.

And yet there it was.

Posted on the Internet Marketing Super Friends Group Page by the legendary Ron Ipach was this question…

“Coaches, consultants, copywriters, mentors, info-product sellers, etc!
In one paragraph or less, what is the real measurable outcome that your clients will receive by hiring you?”

Every response was different and yet…

All responses centered on SALES!


My response to the question of what the real measurable outcome that my clients will receive by hiring me…

“The ability to understand the client perspective through trust creation which ultimately translates to more sales.”

Sounds complicated right?

Actually, NO…it isn’t!

You see I believe that TRUST Creation is that ultimate sales tool. It’s that one thing that will convince a client to shell out their hard earned money and graciously hand it over to you. It’s not a mind trick nor some embellished sales tactic thats taught in those 101 ways to close a sale courses.

money is the byproduct of trust creation

Money is the Byproduct of Trust Creation!

It’s what I teach my clients.

You see, 50 years ago my grandfather owned a very successful truck repair facility and everything he did was based on trust. He trusted his clients and they trusted him. And this was in a day when there was no internet, no cell phones and no instant money transfers. And through the art of Trust Creation my grandfather became a multi-millionaire.

Leap forward to the present and technology is at the forefront of society making everyone an instant access target to advertising. Trust has taken a backseat to scripted pitches and canned spam messages that make us cringe with each passing day.

We sit behind our laptops sipping our lattes communicating with faceless customers in hopes to make enough money to cover our rent. How is that creating TRUST?

Social media is awesome… but, its also limiting!

We brag how many friends we have and yet when was the last time you picked up the phone and called one of the them? Not to sell them something…but to thank them for accepting your friendship?

NEVER…would probably be the answer.

How is that building TRUST?

You want people to trust you? Think old-school!

Use your manners! Be polite! Ask about them! Get to know them!

Every client has a story…discover it!

The more your client can trust you, the more they will want what you are selling regardless of price.

So forget the 101 ways to close a sale course and just learn 1 tactic… Trust Creation.

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