So you want me to write your book, get it on Amazon and make you a best seller but you think what I’m charging to do this is too much.

Is that what you’re saying?

But Rob, you’re a master at this. It won’t take you long to whip up a book and get it out there.

Hmmm, so because I’m a master (thank you very much for thinking that) I should lower my price? A master as you so call me, takes years to perfect his craft and because of that can charge higher prices than those just learning the trade.

But you seem to think that a master can afford to give away his talents, that all those years of perfecting that craft come down to saying yes when someone asks for a lower price.

The Answer is NO!

I appreciate you thinking of me and wanting me to help you, but reducing by any amount my fee to you would devalue the craft I’m providing, would demotivate me from providing the highest caliber service possible and possibly even make you resent me for not charging you what I’m worth.

So, let’s prevent all that from happening and you can pay the full rate. Okay?

Now some would argue that everything is up for negotiation and that might be true. Had the person said, “Hey, Rob, I love what you are doing and I would like for you to write my book but I only have “X” what can you help me with?” They are presenting their offer and asking what they can get in return. But they, didn’t do that. Nope! They didn’t even want to make an offer. They automatically devalued my service by saying because I’m fast at what I do, I shouldn’t charge them my regular rate.

Other’s might argue that a sale is still a sale and you are making money for a service.

Well, that argument would be futile. You see, and I’ve said this many times, “the lower the price, the more hassles involved.

When you lower your price for someone who has already devalued your service, you are setting yourself up to deal with a PITA (pain in the ass) customer. Oh no they don’t want just a cheap price…they want the best service too. And, then they critique and criticize the service they received and complain that what they paid wasn’t worth it.

Hey if you want to deal with those types of customers, well, more power to you.

I prefer to keep my prices high, eliminate the time-wasting PITA’s and have a business that funds my personal life.

Yup, I said “funds my personal life” that means…I make enough to take vacations, to have a bigger house, to drive a nicer car or have money to invest in other business ventures. Things you can’t do when you don’t charge enough or allow customers to dictate the terms or guilt you into lowering your price.

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