I have put more people on the block list in the last 30 days than in the 10 years I’ve been on Facebook.

It seems people are so polarized now that they’ve lost the ability to think and post rationally. And sadly Facebook is doing nothing to stem the tide of the disorderly behavior. When you report people’s vile, hate filled tirades Facebook says it doesn’t violate their community standards.

People are so emotionally charged right now that even when you try to explain your reasoning to them you are labeled all kinds of names, none of which are nice. Then the accuser makes sure all your friends know what a jerk you are, and they leave disparaging remarks on your company’s review profiles. Some have even instigated the conversation and when you retaliate and it goes south, they get their lawyers involved in an attempt to sue you.

Yup, social media is no longer social.

It’s become a shit show.

And sadly, many people don’t know how to withdraw from it.

So they continue on the downward slope of social shaming and aggravated posting.

Nah, I’m learning not to engage with that crap. If I see a post that is baiting me into replying, I ignore it. If I post something that someone else then comments on and it’s polarizing or obnoxious or just downright mean…I delete their comment. If they complain about it, I block their ass. I’m not going down the rabbit hole anymore. I’m no longer interested in participating in their version of wonderland.

Call me crazy, but I want my sanity back. I want social media to be social again.

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