“To all who come to this happy place welcome.” – Walt Disney

Unfortunately there’s been a rise of fights, heated arguments and all around terrible behavior amongst Disney Parks guests. With some requiring medical care and post traumatic therapy.

The heat, the long lines, lack of patience and general disregard for kindness has people on edge and ready to brawl. And the melee that ensues gives those that record a guaranteed viral video. Doesn’t make Disney Parks a destination worthy of a visit, some would think.

And sadly it seems fights are being recorded, uploaded and talked about by influencers almost daily.

The current answer is to ban for life from all Disney Parks or prosecute anyone found fighting regardless if victim or accuser. Although to most park goers who witness such a standoff many are troubled that such a thing could occur. Their happy magical vacation tainted by another’s violence.

Lucky for me on all my visits to both Disneyland and Walt Disney World I have never come across even a stink eye in my direction. And yet, with all the media attention it’s implied that these troubling scenarios play out every single day. 

Can Disney do a better job at alleviating these combative confrontations from occurring? Maybe not entirely, but I believe with some planning and proper education these physical exchanges can be minimized. 

The problems do, I believe, stem from over planning the perfect Disney vacation. Everything has to be done. Everyone needs to ride all the rides. And all the “must have” souvenirs need purchased. Been there, done that…and yes that’s a lot of stress. And yet, nowhere was I ever informed by Disney that some people after they entered the parks might mentally snap and want to practice their Rocky skills on me or someone else. I looked! It’s not on their website. Oh, there’s a Covid warning up top, but nothing that says, “hey folks, here’s how to avoid a beat down at our parks today”.

As a huge Disney fan, I’m glad I’ve never witnessed a fight at any of the parks while I’ve been there, I’d probably want to step in and try to break it up. Which, most likely, would get me battered, bruised and banned. Nope, don’t want that. But Disney could step in with some preventative measures that might curtail some of the disgruntled feelings guest could have boiling up.

On the website and Genie app there could be reminders that tell guests to take breaks often, to stay hydrated, to relax and that their fellow park goers are as tired as they are and might forget to be courteous or don’t speak the same language, and patience is required. I also believe that Disney needs to remind people that they can’t do everything in a 3-4 day visit. Yet, some families try. 

Or when a customer purchases tickets online or reserves their park day, they could be sent an email reminding them of steps they can take to stay mentally happy. And to not transform into an enormous green rage monster.

Oh yes, as a marketer, I understand the whole “don’t emphasize the negative” however, in today’s society of “know, like and trust” there is also “feel safe”. People want to feel safe, especially on vacation. And the more a business can make their customers feel safe, the better chance that customers will continue to return. Fights breaking out, nope not safe. 

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