We The Jury, Find the Defendant…

“Your Honor, my attorney discovered I was a (political figure) supporter and deliberately tanked my case and here is my proof, I would like a mistrial entered.”

Think this won’t happen?

Think again.

More and more attorneys are posting their political opinions online for all to see. And those postings could raise serious ethics violations, cost a case or cause a client to think they aren’t being represented in the best fashion.

If you’re an attorney, please don’t use a public forum like social media to air your political convictions.

Sure, you’re human and have expressions just like the rest of us, however, if your reputation as an attorney with integrity is important to you, then politics needs to stay off of social media. Period. No exceptions.

Over the last few weeks, I have seen so many lawyers want to voice their opinion on Facebook because they don’t like a particular candidate. A divorce lawyer went into full on attack mode against a poster who really didn’t mention a candidate, unfortunately the lawyer “read between the lines”.

The divorce lawyer didn’t hold back either. It got nasty. Ultimately, the poster deleted the attorney’s posts but not before taking a screen shot of them. The poster was so distraught over the  comments that the attorney had made that she decided to send copies of the screen shots to the attorney’s firm. 

I don’t care how much you despise the policies, thoughts or actions of a candidate, spewing vitriol garbage on social media will end up biting you in the ass. 

Before you post a comment in response to a political post…think how it might polarize your audience. Think how it might jeopardize a case. Think how a client is who isn’t happy with the outcome might attack you for not being on their side. 

Don’t do it.

This is why it’s so important for you as a lawyer to stay off of social platforms, if in fact, you’re offended by the political posts that people make. And, allow your staff or a 3rd party (such as Anspach Media) to help keep your social media politically neutral so as to win the trust of your audience and keep your integrity intact. 

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