“Hey Rob, you should think about a side hustle.”

Me: Why?

Them: You’d be good at it.

Me: Why?

Them: You’d make more money.

Me: So you don’t think I make enough in the digital media business I currently own?

Them: I’m sure you make plenty, but that’s your main hustle, you need a side hustle.

Me: So do you have a side hustle?

Them: I have 3 of them.

Me: So which one gets your primary focus?

Them: All of them.

Me: Doubtful.

Them: Why do you say doubtful?

Me: A side hustle is just that a side hustle – it’s something you do when you aren’t focusing on your passion project. You can’t have 3 side hustles and serve each one equally, one will always be the dominant – and that one is the one that brings you more joy, or money or freedom or whatever.

Them: I have no idea what you’re saying.

Me: Exactly, you focused on the wrong thing. Instead of focusing on YOU and building that one thing that supports you financially that brings you joy and freedom…you focused on the idea that hustling is what you need to do.

Them: You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Me: Don’t I…why did you reach out to me?

Them: Well, you have an established business, you’re good at marketing and I thought you’d be a good candidate for this opportunity, but you just want to talk passion and freedom.

Me: Okay, first of all why not lead with the opportunity instead of asking me to think about a side hustle. Second, why does everyone pushing a hustle always approach those with established businesses. And finally, I created this business so I would never need a side hustle.

Them: You don’t get it. Anyone of my side hustles would have been a great opportunity for you. You could have been great at this.

Me: In 12 months if you are still hustling any of those opportunities show me how much each one has made you and maybe I’ll consider it.

Them: These opportunities are now, not in 12 months.

Me: If I charged $100 to listen to everyone’s side hustle my mortgage and household expenses would be paid for every month.

Them: You’re stupid no wonder you don’t have a side hustle.

Me: You didn’t listen to anything I said did you?

Them: F-You.

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