As the new school year soon approaches I wanted to take a moment and reflect on some of my grade school and high school teachers who had an impact in my life (good and bad).

  • Sister Goretti – my 2nd grade teacher who taped my mouth shut and called me a devil child.
  • Sister Adelaide -my 3rd grade teacher who called me an angel sent from above 

(apparently I improved between 2nd and 3rd grade)

  • Mrs Price – my 7th grade teacher who never lost faith in my ability
  • Mr Bearing – my 9th grade teacher who pronounced my last name correctly the very first day of school (yes, that impressed me)
  • and my 12th grade teacher, Mr Weeks (you freaking asshole) – taught me what not to act like when I got older. 

I want to salute each and every teacher out there, and ask that you keep doing what you do. The students need your discipline, your personality, your guidance, your patience and yes, even your anger. They need to know you care. 

Without teachers…
…there would be no lawyers, no entrepreneurs, no dentists, no doctors, no electricians, no politicians…

…in fact without teachers almost every field known wouldn’t exist.

Yup, that’s how important teachers are.

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