But Rob we were accustomed to doing things differently with the last company we worked with.

(translation: they were doing the same things every other marketer in their niche was doing)

Me: Okay and why are you reaching out to me?

Well, we need help. We need better results.

Me: Well, then the first rule of working with me is “don’t question my methods”

But, your methods are…

Me: What was my first rule?

Hmm, don’t question your methods

Me: Now you’re catching on.

“If you want different results than what you’re getting, you have to try different approaches.” – Albert Einstein

I reached out to my buddy Adam Hommey to get his opinion and here is what he said…

A few years ago I had this one client who would challenge or question everything I said or did with “But so-and-so says…”

After the fifth or sixth time I said “You hired me for the reasons that inspired you to do so. If you feel so-and-so knows so much more than me, then perhaps you should work with them instead.”

As a side note, I checked with two of these “so-and-so” people – this client, while trying to impress me with their claims that they had these so-and-sos home phone numbers, didn’t take into account that I actually knew the so-and-sos well enough to make confidential inquiries.

One of the so-and-sos… let’s just say my client’s admiration of them was NOT mutual. What this so-and-so told me had me wondering if I should consider a restraining order against this client of mine, actually.

The other so-and-so just busted out laughing when I said, “Looks like (NAME OF CLIENT) is a mutual friend of ours.” The idea that so-and-so #2 would be friends with this client struck them so funny… so-and-so #2 wrote to me the next day, what I said tickled them so hilarious they actually were on the ground, rolling on the floor, laughing their assets off.

That’s five paragraphs of me saying the following:

Fire ’em, Rob.

Yup, if you want different results you can’t keep doing the same things over and over again. Nor can you keep hiring people that do that same types of marketing expecting different results. 

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