On an almost daily basis I’m constantly correcting someone for their blog mistakes.

It’s rarely the punctuation or grammar…it’s the pictures they use.


You see the right picture will enhance the article and attract the reader to learn more. A lousy picture will turn the reader off and may indeed give the impression your article is not worthy of their attention.

Tips when using pictures…

  1. Use pictures that reflect the story you are sharing
  2. Use unique photos – images you or your staff have taken
  3. Restrict the use of stock photos if possible – others have used the same photo in their article
  4. Don’t repeat the same photo
  5. Watermark your photo so its distinguished as yours
  6. Describe the picture in the alt tags (if on your website) or underneath photo if posting to 3rd party sites
  7. Give credit to the photographer if applicable

I see bloggers using the same photograph on every article they push out, then they wonder why people aren’t calling them or why their article isn’t getting engagement. Well, when the same picture is used over and over readers tend to think all you are doing is reposting the same article. Don’t do it.

By watermarking those unique pictures (adding your logo, website, hashtag and/ or contact info to the photo itself) readers can learn more about you, your products and services and get a sense of what you’re all about.

Using a business card as your picture. NOPE! Wouldn’t recommend it. Nor does it convey to your audience you understand the dynamics of blogging. All the information on your business card can be added below the actual article in the ABOUT THE AUTHOR section of your website. Or, if using LinkedIn or a 3rd party blogging site just add “ABOUT (your first name)” and a nice blurb about you so the readers get an idea of the benefits they will receive from calling you.

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