Why are so many entrepreneurs jumping on the____ (fill in the blank) bandwagon?

1) They can’t make a go at what they are doing

2) They see what others claim to be making and want that

3) The lure of fast money is too strong to resist

4) The want to feel important – “Look I invested in ____”

5) Their friends are doing it

If these entrepreneurs just learned how to market themselves better they would actually make more money doing what they love (building their business).

The struggle is real.

And it’s that struggle that prevents many entrepreneurs from fluffing their passion.

They get so close, then see what someone else is doing and it seems easier, simpler and more profitable. And, then they give up their own dream and pursue something of an unknown.

Did you know?

______uses the power of the crowd (social media, peer pressure, et al) to create curiosity, a feeling of exclusivity, of belonging to something unique and the allure of riches to get people to open up their wallets and buy.

The funny thing is – nobody cared about it a few years ago.

Then the early adopters bought it and started the run up for their millions.

Now it seems everyone wants to get into _______

Instead of investing in an unknown and making someone else’s business great, why not study the dynamics of how they are growing their network and use it to build your own empire.

Use the power of the crowd to grow your business, make your own coin and enhance your legacy.

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