Lately I’ve been writing blogs for doctors and lawyers, simply because they don’t have the time and typically they like to write about medical or legal terms that are boring to most people. These two categories are one of the lowest trusted industries on the planet.

My job is create a bond with their audience that builds trust and creates a compelling reason why these doctor’s and lawyer’s clients should hire them. Blogs are a very important tool when trying to establish trust, but they can’t be written in industry jargon. They need to be conversational, filled with emotion and heavy on contractions.

That’s right…yep, I said, “that’s right” not “that is right”. As much as we value the English language and want to be proper in our writing…the use of contractions makes us sound, well…human.

So writing blogs for lawyers and doctors can be a challenge, it also can be exciting seeing one blog take off and make hundreds of thousands of dollars for that attorney or medical practitioners.

Last week such a blog did take off…it went flippant crazy to say the least.

It was about 550 words long which is about the average length most people pay attention before their attention deficit disorder kicks in. And, it was all about why clients and potential clients can trust this doctor and how he’s there for them from the beginning steps, through the surgery and even years after.

Here’s the results of that blog post on Facebook…

A) First 22 Hours… all organic, no boosting

Home Run Blog stats



B) The Doctor was so impressed with the organic reach that he added a $200 boost to see what the response would be. As, you can see the reach doubled, the likes, comments and shares increased and the post clicks went up.

Home Run Blog stats 2



C) Here’s the numbers as the $200 boost which was spread over 3 days came to an end.

Home Run Blog Stats 3


Those likes and comments are all great, but it’s the shares that mean the most. Yep, getting your fans, friends and followers to share your posts is the best way to capture new prospects.

And, that’s exactly what this doctor did. His page likes went up by about 80 that week, and those calling into his office, emailing with additional info and sending chats to inquire about his services increased based on that one blog. All in all…that blog coupled with a boost will equal about $100,000 in new business easily to the doctor. Not bad…not bad at all!

But, without a blog written to build trust none of the boosting would have mattered nor would any of the organic likes, comments or shares…it just wouldn’t have happened.

If your blogs are ho-hum, barely get read and never get shared…why not pick up the phone and call me. This is what I do… I ghostwrite blogs for lawyers, doctors, professionals of all kind…and I can help you too.

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