I’ve heard many things so-called social media marketers say…the biggest one seems to be years in the business.

Here at Anspach Media we’ve been teaching social media techniques, tactics and tricks since 2009 due in part from the influx Facebook had on society.

Now, we hear from people who say they’ve been teaching far earlier then we have, some stating as early as 2001…could it be true?

Why would they say such a thing?

Are they lying?

Well, if they say they have been teaching since 2001 and they are only 20 years old now then it would put then roughly at 4-5 years old. Even if they say they are 30…they would have to had been teaching at 14-15. Possible…yes. Likely…not really!

Now for those slightly older (like me) who remember the infancy of the world wide web, and who actually got to use the college version of CSNet and MailNet when I was a student at Penn State in 1987 can recall the ability to send messages back and forth through computer nodes. Not emails…personal chats. From one computer terminal to another.

Yup, early forms of social networking even if we didn’t call it that. Then came Compuserve and AOL who together made accessing the NET easier and faster.

My first email was an AOL account in 1995.

That year also brought us: TheGlobe.com, Geocities and Tripod.com…very early social networking sites.

But it wasn’t until 2001/ 2002 that we started to see Plaxo, Friendster, Six Degrees and others.

Xanga…My Space…Bebo…oh my!

Facebook started as a college experiment in 2004 – then went mainstream about the same time Twitter launched in 2006.

It was around this time that the term “social media” started to be used to describe these networking sites.

So, technically, if your social media service is claiming they’ve been teaching social media for 20 years, they wouldn’t be wrong (if they are actually that old, of course) but the actual term itself is only about 12-13 years old.

You be the judge.

If they know their stuff and can create winning engagement for your social pages then what difference does a few years make, right?

But, if they are saying they have all this experience and they can’t seem to get you fans, friends, followers or any type of conversion whatsoever, then all those years they are bragging about…didn’t really mean anything did it?



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