So love starting the day having both offended and triggered someone because of my “tone”.

This person suggested in a Facebook group that raw unedited video files produced by a contractor should be handed over to the client when the contract is ended. This person suggested “they will look good for it”.

Well you know me…I had to give my two cents.

Me: How does looking good pay her bills? I hate that term “you’ll look good for it” as if some karma angel is watching your back and keeping score of all your good. Pfft.

Them: (writes 2 long winded comments as to her 8 years experience, how much she charges and that “the client might come back or refer them in the future”)

Me: So you run your company your way, and I’ll run my company my way. But don’t get all indignant when people disagree with your thinking. That’s life. Not everyone believes in mystic karma and that doing “good” pays off.

Them: Oh gosh Rob. That’s kind of aggressive. You made an assumption about my approach so I wanted to explain where I was coming from. You do you. But aggression and name calling is highly unprofessional. We’re always entitled to disagree, of course, but aggression is an ugly trait. It seems you are aggressive at my disagreeing with you. No problem, take care of yourself and good karma to you.

Me: Aggression? Name calling? I neither exhibited aggression nor called you a name.

Them: I’m going to end this here Rob, your tone was awful. I wish you well.

Me: My tone was awful? Wow you certainly get offended easily.

Them: I’m the least offended person ever, lol! I just didn’t like your tone! It was a bit shitty really! As I said, I wish you well!

Me: And you needed to further comment? You said you were ending it. Ending means not continuing.

{and I was reported to Facebook, and the person then unfriended and blocked me)

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