One builds the site, the other gets the site seen by the search engines.

They don’t always agree.

In fact, most times the designer doesn’t want anyone touching the site he/she built.

It sounds childish, but it happens more than you think.

And it puts the person who contracted both services in a sticky situation.

It becomes a game of tug-o-war with the owner of the site (the one who paid for the services).

The SEO expert needs access to the website in order to optimize the pages, posts and media, something most designers fail to do.

The web designers don’t want to grant access so they try to flex their muscles and tell the SEO people to send them the information and they, themselves will make all changes.

Unfortunately, the web designers don’t make all the changes, they only make the ones they feel comfortable making.

And, they then bill the client for services that were already billed by the SEO company.

Thus costing the client twice.

Then when the site doesn’t rank properly because the web designers failed to follow what the SEO people told them to do, they blame the SEO people for faulty instructions.

How do I know?

Well, as an SEO company this has happened to us many times.

In fact, this is what lead us to start designing websites for clients.

No more fighting.

No more following the directions only if you want to.

No more billing the client twice.

None of that!

So when your web designer disagrees with your SEO person, tell them you are the one paying the bill and to listen to your instructions.

But be prepared for “push back” (resistance) from the web designer.

  • They will cry foul.
  • They will say they are the overseers of the site.
  • They will remove their liability because someone else is involved.
  • They will act like crybabies.
  • They may claim it’s your site, but won’t you change anything.
  • They might even say that all changes go through them.

Yup, they will try to hold your website, the one you paid for, hostage.

That’s another reason why we started creating websites for clients…we were tired of how the web design industry was treating clients as a whole. 

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