Pokemon Is Back!

The new mobile app game is turning kids, teens and yes, even adults into wandering fools trying to catch displaced Pokemon throughout their environment. Oh, they say it’s fun and addictive. And Nintendo’s stock has rocketed up the charts since the game came out. Those playing the game are staring at their phones while walking into things in hopes of catching them all.

“People walking aimlessly around my neighborhood. I asked what they were doing. They said playing Pokemon Go. I said how about you play Pokemon Stay. One person asked what that game was. I said it’s like the game you are playing but you stay in one place and don’t bother the neighbors.”

Yep, you can tell who is playing it by how they walk through the neighborhood. Back and forth, a few paces here, a few paces there…round and round. Brainwashed!

The Pros

Pokemon GO is a GIANT Marketing Tool for Brick and Mortars – THINK about it. A Coffee Shop that has a sign saying they have Pokemon inside and to share a selfie with what they caught and where? It could very well be the next Snapchat. I can think of dozens of niches that would make a killing if they were smart about using Pokemon GO, just think about Bars or Pubs as an example” – James Stephan Usypchuk

Nintendo’s stock price has jumped 25% thanks to Pokémon Go.” – The Verge

The Cons 

Okay, so while every person on the planet is playing Pokemon Go, please be careful. Especially if your kids are playing. In particular, one major social aspect of the game—its “beacon” function—has already been taken advantage of in the city of O’Fallon, Missouri. That city’s police department made a statement on Sunday morning confirming that a group of four armed men had used the app to lure victims to a specific place, at which point they mugged the unknowing Pokémon Go players.” – Shelly DeMotte Kramer

Play Pokémon Go, get sent to a strip club.” – Gizmodo

“Pokémon Go is already a problem at the workplace.” – Inverse

In order to be the very best, sometimes you might get hurt.” – CBC News

Pokémon Go is introducing many people to location-based gaming… and all the (potential) pitfalls that come with it.” – Engadget

Pokémon is starting a ridiculous religious feud.” – Kotaku

Please talk to your kids about the new Pokemon Go game, or better yet, have the cool Aunt or Uncle talk to them about it. They might not listen to their uncool parents being uncool about Internet predator warnings.” – Holly Kolman

Ok, the conversation just got weird in here.Phrases I never thought I would utter: “I’m pretty close to evolving a Drowzee. Make. It. Stop.” – Ken Mueller

Pro Or Con…You Decide!

“I’d really like to join my fellow friends in playing this Pokémon GO. The only thing keeping me from said hobby is getting out of my chair. The struggle is real! ‪#‎pokemon‬ ‪#‎pokemongo‬” – Matt Winters

It’s a Pokémon Go pandemic. Sore legs become pandemic as Pokemon Go players get exercise.” – Gizmodo

Pokémon’s daily active user population is already larger than that of Twitter.” – TechCrunch

The search for creatures in Pokémon Go led to a different discovery. Woman playing Pokemon Go finds dead body.” – CNET

Got the drone on the job for all you noobs walking around catching your Pokemon like ‪#‎AmateurHour.‬” – Scot Smith

Took my son and his friends out to dinner the other night and watched them goof around with this Pokemon Go app. My son told me he walked around the other night and couldn’t believe how many adults were doing it. They all practically ran into each other…on foot, bike and car. Seriously, he said. We were all looking down and then up and all at once realized we’d all been taken to the same location…. it was awkward. ‪#‎Goofballs‬” – Crystal O’Connor

You Choose

Do want to wander around your surroundings bumping into things, ignoring people and potentially getting robbed for the sheer pleasure of claiming some weird Pokemon. Or perhaps you see the marketing potential and want to harness the power that Pokemon can do for your brick and mortar business. Or do you want to be a Pokemon Champion?

Gotta Catch Them All!

Now if you decide that you want to go out and catch them all, understand that you may be releasing your information to the game’s creator. Yep, your Google account may be accessed and your data sent to people you may not wish to have. So to be a true champion without compromising your private information…


If you did sign up with your Google account, here’s how to revoke access:
1) Log in to your Google account and open up the “Apps connected to your account” page.
2) Scroll down to “Pokemon Go,” then hit “Remove Access.”
3) Confirm by hitting “OK.”

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