1/13/15 – guy signs up for my newsletter – enters phone number and mailing address

Engages with 459 of my emails since that day.

8/13/19 – unsubscribes and writes in the comments “never subscribed”

So after 4-3/4 years and hundreds of emails he has this sudden realization he didn’t subscribe. Hmm, right. 

Yeah, I know it’s just an email newsletter…and I get unsubscribes all the time. But, those that unsubscribe usually do so right away or have zero history of engagement. So, to get one after so long who engaged then says, “Nah bro, I never signed up” just seems a bit weird to me. 

Think about it for a moment, it took him that long just to make a decision. 

Imagine how he runs his business. Imagine the thought process he puts himself through just to complete simple tasks. 

The internal struggle he must go though. The pain and anguish of knowing that the wrong decision could be catastrophic. 

Should I unsubscribe or continue? And to think that way for over 4 years is just incredible.

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