Over the years, I’ve used NY Personal Injury Lawyer Gerry Oginski as a fantastic example of someone who understands content marketing.

I’ve mentioned Gerry in my books, in many articles and even on my own videos.

Now, you might be wondering what makes Gerry a great example and I will get to that in a minute.

But first, I want to share with you what led me to follow Gerry way back starting in 2010.

I was reading an article about video marketing (and this is when the push to develop video content started to roll out), well, the article mentioned this attorney from Great Neck NY. And I thought kind of odd…a lawyer using video. But Gerry was getting great success from this medium. And his videos were getting noticed by the exact type of people who needed his help.

So, I reached out and asked Gerry if I could interview him.

We did a phone interview that lasted about an hour. Gerry was a wealth of information.

As time went on…Gerry would pump out more videos.

I watched as his YouTube channel went from a few hundred videos to 1000, then 1200, then 1600. He was like the Energizer bunny of YouTube videos.

He turned frequently asked questions into videos. He turned court room observations into videos. He turned medical drama into videos. He turned examples, lessons and bloopers into videos.

Gerry was using those videos to educate, entertain and engage his audience.

Before long, Gerry had made over 2500 videos. Yeah crazy, right?

More like brilliant!

He understood his trade, he understood what people where looking for, and he brought those qualities together to deliver phenomenal content that people enjoy watching.

When people would search for their question, their concern, their injury, why their doctor messed up, how to seek compensation, what to look for in an attorney or hundreds of other reasons…Google, Bing, Yahoo and even Facebook and the other social networks would display Gerry’s videos.

And with 2500 videos now working 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year…that’s a lot of information being shared.

But that’s not all…no way!

Gerry has also written hundreds of articles that shed light on how cases are won in New York, about how some doctors aren’t forthcoming to their patients, on the suffering and frustration felt by the injured and how insurance companies fight to not have to pay out claims. Again, like his videos, Gerry educates, entertains and engages his audience so they are informed if they ever need his services.

When asked about his videos, Gerry typically responds…

“It was 2006 and this new site came online that accepted user generated content– it was called YouTube. Maybe you’ve heard of it,” he laughs. “But the only law-related content I could find on YouTube were lawyer commercials, which were pointless. They weren’t teaching anyone anything. So I decided to create a video that taught potential clients something they didn’t know. My first video was awful. It was 6 minutes long, grainy and dark, and explained how to hire a New York medical malpractice attorney. Remarkably, despite the poor video quality, I received lots of calls from people who’d viewed it.”

Below are a few of Gerry’s videos to give you an idea of what I mean by educational, entertaining and engaging.

SURPRISE! This ONE Thing Will Get an Attorney DISBARRED! NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

6 Common Trial Objections; New York Medical Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

“Do You Have a Physical Injury?” I Asked- NY Medical Malpractice Attorney Gerry Oginski Explains

Want to subscribe to Gerry’s YouTube channel? Click on his picture below!

And please visit Gerry on his website and read his articles and discover more about him. And if your injuries happened in New York, contact Gerry for help with your legal matters.

Here’s Gerry’s website https://www.Oginski-Law.com


By the way…here’s two interviews I did with Gerry over a 2 year time span.

The first one is from April 2015

The second one is from February 2017

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