Just because an email has been opened doesn’t mean it has been read or engaged upon.

To me “open rates” are a fallacy that I don’t subscribe to.

They give a false sense that your email is being read by so many.

That’s false.

Just because it was opened doesn’t mean someone actually read it.

Oh, but those EMAIL GURUS tell how important “open rates” are and you should really strive to improve them.


They’re wrong!

And if they truly understood why “open rates” are a misconception they would actually change their tune.

Well, now you’re probably aware I don’t care what those gurus say. 

So what do I care about, you might be asking yourself? 

I care about engagement rate.

How many have commented, shared, clicked a link or bought from that email.

That is the true success of an email.

Say you sent 1000 emails and your stats say 30% opened them. So 300 opens. And out of that 300 – 100 took some sort of action. Then your engagement rate is 10% .

Always measure engagement rate, not open rate.

Just to recap: Open Rates on emails may make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but open rates are BS and should be tossed. Yup, I said it open rates need to be tossed. Just because someone opened your email doesn’t mean they took any action. Doesn’t mean they replied or bought from you. So that open rate means squat if your reader didn’t do anything but open the dang email. You really need to measure engagement rate. How many of your peeps actually replied, took some sort of actin or bought from you as the result of the email? Well if you start thinking about your engagement rate, the way the you write your emails will improve and you will find your conversion rates go higher even if you open rates stay the same.


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