Recently I posted a text conversation that resulted in me firing a client.

The majority of people who commented sided with my position.

However there was a few who said, “Rob a phone conversation would have simplified this whole matter and you probably wouldn’t have had to fire them”.

Maybe! But, I highly doubt it.

You see this particular client has been yo-yo’ing us for months. They would say, “Hey send me an invoice and we can get started.” So I send an invoice. Then I would wait. Then I received, “I’m moving into a new place, can we wait a month or two?” So we cancel the invoice. Then it was, “Hey I got my tax refund so I have money now, can you send that invoice?” So we send the invoice. Then wait. Then we get, “Sorry was stressed so I took a vacation and spent the money.” So I cancelled the invoice once again.

After the second invoice cancellation I should have fired them. But I didn’t that’s on me.

Then it came to yesterday’s text where I fired the client.
They said this time they were really ready and to send the invoice via email and to text the next day to confirm you sent it.

So I texted as requested a day later. “Sent the invoice.”

They reply, “Okay, I’m headed to the mountains…trying to figure out if I am staying here or leaving.”

So I replied, “Not sure what that has to do with the invoice.”

At this point I kind or knew we would be repeating the whole cancellation thing once again, but really wasn’t expecting the client to be rude and disrespectful.

I receive, “Because I’m not near a computer right now that’s why, and I really don’t need you or anyone else being a dick to me!!!!!”

Maybe it was the 5 exclamations that she typed or the calling me a dick that did it, but honestly the yo-yo’ing was stopping right then and there and she had to go as a client.

So I texted back, “You’re fired.”

Then I get back not even 2 seconds later, “Fine, I don’t care.”

And for those that say “Rob a phone conversation…blah, blah, blah”, you can run your business however you want…

But one thing I will not tolerate is any client disrespecting me or any member of my team. And when that happens, regardless on the phone, via email or in a text or chat, they will get instantly fired. No exceptions.

I give clients chances all the time…need a few extra days to pay your invoice, just let me know. Need a month to come up with money to get started, sure I’ll be here when you want to get started. But disrespect me or my team in anyway, shape or form and you’re gone, simple as that.

No I will not waste my time trying to win back a disrespectful customer.

Why? Because they will just do it again. Like I said, I give people chances, but when they can’t show respect, they need to be cut loose.

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