“OMG he did what? Let me just tell all my friends on social.”

Then they spend the next 2 days arguing with their social friends who don’t see their opinion as fact.

Then you comment.

And soon regret it.

And even though you know the person and deep down want to give them a verbal lashing you resist because they won’t leave well enough alone. They will defend their position until they die.

Yup, you got sucked into it.

And will now be notified every time they or their friends comment about their post.

Yup, and soon you are debating whether to delete your comment altogether or unfollow and block your friend to keep your sanity.

Well, to avoid the trap, just resist the urge to comment.

Yeah, I know…it’s certainly not how you anticipated your comment being perceived. And, it’s not that you were planning to get into a social media debate with someone.

You just simply wanted to voice your opinion.

Now, you are getting attacked by people you don’t know.

Yup, you fell for it. 

The social media trap.

Social media was created to bring people together, hence the social part.

Yet, more and more are realizing it’s a place to express their opinions on every subject known to man…and even some unknown.

We are told to comment and engage with our fans, friends and followers…yet when we do if those same friends, fans and followers disagree with us, it can become an all out war over who is right or wrong.

Sometimes the best way to avoid those “traps” is to just refrain from commenting on posts you know are going to illicit responses from people that will cause you stress.

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