Maybe you saw it. Maybe you even read it. Did you believe it?

It went like this…

7 months ago I wrote a blog that went viral on LinkedIn which landed me a new career path in content writing.

LinkedIn Award GalThen there was a picture of a blond gal holding her LinkedIn award ever so excited.

Yep, that one!

Certainly is convincing, right?

She wrote a blog and became an instant LinkedIn celebrity.

Oh, yeah, it happens all the time. And it’s easier than winning the lottery. NOT!

But is it what she wrote, the award she won, or the fact it went viral the thing you are trying to figure out? Or maybe you are still staring at her blond hair?

Stay with me here…no time for blond moments!

Over 135,000 people have liked the post so far and almost 13,000 have commented on it. And, honestly I have no idea what the original blog was that went viral.

Yet, the post about the award for a blog going viral has gone viral too. So, double whammy on us!

I’m not saying she didn’t write the blog or that it didn’t go viral or that she won an award…all those things may be true. What I’m saying is… what’s stopping you from doing the exact same thing she did?

Go Viral!

That’s the trick, really! It’s what we all strive for! That one in a million chance for fame and fortune with one lucky lottery-like winning viral post. Yep!

But, how do you make a post go viral?

Ah, that my friend is the million dollar question!

It’s really not a secret…more like a set of rules.

The first rule of trying to get a post to go viral is don’t write it to go viral. Nope! You see a post written for the prime purpose of going viral usually lacks emotion, personality and your own writing style. And that right there brings us to the second rule…be yourself!

Oh, but who else would you be? Oy, if I had a dollar for every time I got, “hey can you sort of, like, make me sound like him or her, that would be cool, thanks“, I would never run out of coffee in my office again. Ugh!

Okay, here’s what you need to do to take your fabulous story and get it to go viral. Create a brilliant headline! Yep! It’s got to be compelling. Something that when someone notices it, they can’t help but want to know more.

Now, add an intriguing banner picture to draw people in…and let’s not forget the teaser copy!

The more captivating your headline, picture and content the better chance it will entertain, educate and engage your audience.

Then it helps to share your article, to give it a little push out into this thing we call social media.

Yep, share it! Share it with those friends you brag so much about.

Those friends, fans and followers (your tribe) will also share it with their friends, and so on and so forth. And, before you know it…you’re the next poster child for LinkedIn, or whatever media platform wants to give you an award.

Yes, you too can be an “award winning, viral writing, social media” star.

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