Does Increasing Engagement on Your Blogs Effect Google Ranking?

The question of engagement to your blogs effecting your google ranking is one I get often. As a consultant to lawyers, doctors and professionals around the globe the question usually comes after I tell them they must post blog articles frequently.

The concept of sharing articles is foreign and in most cases not something most professionals have time for, so to tell them they need to create engagement from the articles just blows their mind.

You see it used to be easy to post an article and stuff it with keywords and watch as it ranked at the top of the search engines.

Nope, not any more.

Now Google looks at user experience.

They look at what that articles is doing to educate, entertain and engage the reader.

Are people liking, commenting and sharing that article? Yes, it matters. It doesn’t matter how brilliant the article was written if people aren’t commenting on it, Google sees it as just another pumped out article that doesn’t do anything.

So the key to increasing engagement is to get fans, friends and followers conditioned to like, comment and share your articles. Always ask your readers, your viewers, your audience to leave a comment and to share with someone that might benefit from what you posted.

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