I was exhausted and upset at how people will use a situation or excuse as to why they can’t listen or pay what someone is charging so I took to Facebook to voice my concern.

Me: I’m trying to help as many business owners as possible with their marketing. But they have to be willing to listen. If they are going to tell me how to help them or say how come you won’t accept a lesser amount when I told them how much I charge…I will fire them on the spot and keep whatever money they sent me. My patience is wearing thin. Some of you are taking advantage of various situations to not pay what people are worth.

Then the slew of responses happened…

Vivian: Believe me, if I had the money, I wouldn’t want anyone but you. 

Marc: Welcome to marketing 101, where marketing “just happens,” and why would business owners think it happened for a reason other than their own doing.

Shelly: You are invaluable and not just because you are kind and smart… worth 10x.

Baeth: Yes they must be coach-able or adios!

But then…the debate happened!

Manuj: Rob Anspach I struggled with this for a loooooooong time. When you know too much you want to protect and preach the masses. From my experience, it is just better to “forget” what you know and meet the client where they are…at least that was my epiphany in last few weeks.

Me: Manuj Aggarwal might work for you…not my style.

Manuj: Rob Anspach yes it is not easy for me either

Me: Manuj Aggarwal then don’t do it.

Manuj: All i did was to compare my call recordings with people I was brutally honest with and the people I gave what they wanted to hear. The latter group was much more happy and “willing” to listen. So now I can help them truly liberate.

Manuj: Rob Anspach we all have our own path and our own life experience. i think I can save them who want to be saved. So I will continue doing it as long as it feel right. if it stops feeling right – of course I will stop at that moment.

Me: Manuj Aggarwal one day it will hit you…and you’ll say Rob was right. ?

Manuj: Rob Anspach I am sure Rob. I have always honored wisdom over my own experience. Why re-invent the wheel? And what I appreciate about you is brutal honesty and clarity of thought. Very very valuable. I am definitely going to digest your suggestion and apply to different aspects of my life. Your experience and knowledge is too precious to brush away. I do not take anything you say lightly…. At the same time, I love exploring my own human experience and taking new risks and see what comes out of it. Right now, I am trying to wrap the required medicine in candy so that everyone gets what they think they need but what they actually get is what they TRULY need.

Me: Manuj Aggarwal you cant please everyone- and no sugar coated pill will make it easier – discover who you want as a client, focus on them exclusively and never accept less.

Manuj: Rob Anspach great words of wisdom. i am so grateful for you sharing your wisdom so freely and generously. i will definitely take time to ponder upon your advice and how i can incorporate it into my life. thanks so much. how about another podcast episode?

Parthiv: I am watching this conversation between Rob and Manuj. I can see both sides. I too am firm in my price and deliverables, but I have a lot of patience, unlike Rob. Not everyone can behave like Rob. It suits HIS personality. I too am firm on my price and delivery and I too dont want to be taken advantage of, but when i am not making money, i am making friends and i need them both. So Manuj Aggarwal is not out of line feeling startled by rob’s advise. What Rob Anspach does is not normal human behavior. It is a very different business style. I can’t just adopt his style just like that.

Me: Parthiv Shah hah, I’ve spent 25 years studying human behavior and no one is “normal”. But yes I agree how I do things is contrary to what most are taught. Why? Because it works. We as business owners do not have to capitulate to the whims of consumers and do things because that is what they expect. Instead we inform the customer how we operate and if they are acceptable to those terms great. If not, they are free to go elsewhere.

Manuj: Rob Anspach and Parthiv Shah Great points. I think that is what makes entrepreneurship so interesting. I believe it is the best path to self-discovery. We all look at the world differently based on our past experiences. Rob, for instance, I grew up in a small town for the first 20 years of my life. Those were the formative years for my mind. Even if I want to – I cannot get rid of some subconscious biases I picked up along the way. The key here to stay flexible. Especially in challenging times like these. Anything I have achieved in my life is by shutting up my inner smartass and learning new paradigms and adapting them to my temperament. So I listen to all the advice – but I only implement it after customizing it for myself 🙂

Me: If I shut up my inner smart-ass I wouldn’t have written all the books I have nor have attracted awesome clients. In fact, you and I probably wouldn’t be friends. See how that works…when you are your authentic self people gravitate to be near you. They respect you for being who you are. If I suppressed that then I would attract clients I really don’t want to deal with and probably wouldn’t be an entrepreneur at all.


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