“Rob, can you help me with a project?”

Me: depending on the time commitment, maybe

Caller: well I would really like you to be involved

Me: okay, tell me more

Caller: {proceeds to tell me a bunch of vague ideas and nonsense}

Me: how soon did you want to start

Caller: yesterday

Me: hah, well I don’t have a DeLorean to travel back to yesterday and your plan needs work, so how about we work on the plan then we work on a real time to start

Caller: {dead silent}

Me: did I lose you?

Caller: er, hmm, no…just thought it was a fantastic idea that you would jump at

Me: well it could be a fantastic idea, if more time was devoted in fleshing it out correctly

Caller: okay, makes sense

Me: and I would need $$ to help you

Caller: WTF man

Me: so you want me to jump on board, hammer out all your ideas so that the project will reap rewards for you, but you don’t want to pay me for my time.

Caller: well I’m giving you a piece of action afterwards

Me: hah, so I need to drop all the things that are currently making me money, paying my bills and putting food on the table to help you with your dream project is that correct

Caller: man, you’re such an asshole

Me: evidently…but remember, you called me, which means you need this asshole to get your project off the ground

Caller: Hell I don’t…I’ll do it my damn self…and you’re not involved anymore. I don’t need you.

Me: Good luck.

Caller: F-you.

{That was a month ago – This morning received a voicemail from the same caller asking for help again – Wonder what names I will be called when I tell him my price to help him is now double?}

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