Some writers know how to write then there are others who know how to communicate. Which one is right for you? Well, if you need to convince, compel or attract an audience then you want a writer who can communicate your product or service. If you are hung up on tone, etiquette or where the heck the comma should go then any writer will do.

Look, writing to an audience takes a special type of understanding and a little bit of common sense. Writing to be proper is just down right boring. Seriously, if the piece doesn’t feel like a normal conversation then it needs to be trashed and redone.

A blog is a post to your website that tells your audience something about you, your product or a subject your audience might find interesting. And, yes, a blog does require a bit of effort to write. That’s why most websites that have blogs don’t have much on them in the way of posts. Most people don’t know what to write about. Or they try to oversell a product or service and turn the post into a spammy advertisement.

Here’s a trick…one question, one answer.

Yep, use the questions that your customers ask you and turn them into blog posts that are written in your voice. It doesn’t have to be properly written that people think you have an MBA in English Lit…it just needs to sound how you speak. If people that know you know you don’t speak in proper English than don’t write that way.

A ghost blogger and corporate ghostwriter will take the necessary time to understand who they are writing for, to capture their essence in print and give written words a voice to be understood.

I recently wrote a piece for a doctor and after sharing it to his social network it was liked more than 100 times, commented on more than a dozen times and shared and shared again all within a 24 hour time frame. That particular blog was responsible for building enough trust that it generated over 30 new fans and several inquires for future medical procedures.

I share the success of that blog to show you the power of a properly written piece. If it was written without knowing the doctor (who he is, how he thinks, his personality) then it might not have received the impact it did and the doctor would not have hired me to write more.

So how does that apply to the corporate world?

Corporations hire ghost bloggers and ghostwriters all the time…and as such they need a voice for their products and services. The wrong voice can potentially hurt a product. So, picking the correct writer is essential in blogging, building trust and creating a bond with your audience.

Does your current writer convey the right message? Or does it sound overly stuffy and drab?

The choice is yours!

If you wish to attract, compel and empower your audience then write to them the way you speak.


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