Hey Rob are you going to the huge XYZ event in California?

{was the question that popped up on my Facebook messenger from someone who bought a few of my books years ago but I haven’t really communicated with since}

Me: How many people will be there?

Them: I dunno maybe 10,000

Me: Good gawd man, no way. That’s 9,990 more people than I typically see in a day.

Them: Yeah but (drops the name of some influencer) is going.

Me: Who?

Them: You know that YouTube celebrity that makes all those videos.

Me: Nope, doesn’t ring a bell

Them: Come on, you’re pulling my leg, everyone knows who that person is.

Me: I don’t get out much.

Them: Well (drops some more names) are going.

Me: Okay and?

Them: Well you should be there.

Me: Why?

Them: You would gain a lot of business.

Me: I already have a lot of business.

Them: You would gain more.

Me: How much more?

Them: I don’t know a lot more.

Me: Be specific

Them: So you want me to throw out a number

Me: Yes

Them: A lot.

Me: Then no, not going.

Them: Why? You will meet people and gain a lot of business.

Me: Yeah, I think this convo is over.

Them: Well, I’m going to the event.

Me: Why didn’t you lead with that?

Them: So you’re going

Me: Nope.

Them: But you said…

Me: Had you lead with that I could have said NO quicker and ended this conversation long ago.

{and I was magically unfriended and blocked}

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