Phone rings…it’s a robotic voice telling me to press 1 for Card Services.

So I did.

As soon as a live person picks up…I quickly say…
This is Rob from Card Services, how can I help you?

Caller: Huh, what, this is Card Services, how can I help you?

Me: Would you like a lower interest rate on your card balances? I can help you with that, I just need to know the card with the highest balance, can you share that card with me.

Caller: mmm, errr

Me: Look sir, do you want the deal or not, all I need is your card number, the 3 digit code on the back and we can make this happen. Lets do it.

Caller: I think I have the wrong number.

Me: No you don’t, you called me remember. So lets do this deal…give me those digits and read that card off to me…come on…I don’t have all day. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT NOW!

Caller: uh, um, well…

Me: Dude, are we doing this or not. Because so far you wasted 3 minutes of my time with your indecision, grow a back bone…read the card off to me now.

I hear him talking to another person, then another person gets on the line.

Caller 2: Sir who is this?

Me: It’s Card Services and your buddy was going to give me his credit card number.

Caller 2: Sir, we are card services.

Me: Doubtful…you’re not aggressive enough.

Caller 2: Sir I can assure you we are card services.

Me: I don’t think so…you’re not really good at it.

Caller 2: And how much have your made today?

Me: How much as in how much did I scam people of their money from being a phony call center disguised as a credit card service?

Caller 2: Yes.

Me: Gotcha.

<they hang up>

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Rob Versus The Scammers

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