Oh, it started out so well.

A simple friendly birthday wish.

It should have stopped there.

Yet, it didn’t.

 Under the guise of a simple birthday wish, Mr Mace was getting ready to blind me with some brilliant scheme. 

And like everyone it seems that tries to entice using LinkedIn, the delivery is off, the promises are empty and that huge opportunity they talk about is nothing more than a smoke screen. 

But all in all…it’s does create some entertainment value and an educational lesson comes out of it. 

Here’s how it began…

…on my birthday.

James Mace: Happy birthday!

Me: Thanks
James: Rob, – [ ] If the money was right and if it wouldn’t interfere with your time schedule at all, would you be open to look at a HUGE OPPORTUNITY
Me: So when you say this is a “HUGE OPPORTUNITY” what does that even mean?
James: Ron I’d like to email you a video to give you an idea of what we are doing. Then I’d like to call you to give you more information. My number is 218-xox-xoxo. What day and time would be good for us to talk?
<Sends video to my email inbox>
I almost didn’t find it as it was auto-dumped into the Spam folder, as Gmail’s algorithm determined it was junk.
Me: Well first the name is ROB not Ron – and the video was so vague…didn’t tell me anything about what the HUGE OPPORTUNITY is all about.
James: Can I give you a call Rob to give you more information to see if we can go further

Me: why must you call me – can’t you just tell me what this HUGE OPPORTUNITY is all about right here in the chat

James: I would like to share the information and see if we have synergy to help each other thats all

Me: Well I would like to know what it is before I commit to a phone call. And honestly I get 30-40 of these messages a month from people saying what a huge opportunity they have and that I should consider and none of them have been an entrepreneur longer than a few years and very few of them have even made $30k with their huge opportunity. So I’ll tell you what, if you can show me YOUR sales volume and profit from the last six months from your huge opportunity and it’s more than $100k then I’ll be glad to chat with you on the phone

James: Thanks. That’s not how it works but you have a great day my friend.

Me: So you’re saying the huge opportunity doesn’t work that way and you really aren’t making money from it. Or you don’t really want to prove that it’s as huge as you say it is. Like I said I get these so-called opportunities every single day. All scripted the same, all promising the same thing, even have some vague video they want me to watch. Every single one wants to schedule time on the phone, yet none can clearly articulate in a simple chat message what it is they are truly offering. Well my friend, the time spent here is truly not lost, as you have become my opportunity. “Mace’d on my Birthday”…look for it soon on my blog.

James: It works but we can’t show you specific earnings because it works for those who work. It’s like any other business, you get out of it what you put into it. It is not a get rich quick scheme. But, it works.

Me: As an owner of a global media company who has spent 25 years teaching entrepreneurs how to build trust, how to create marketing that inspires and how to attract the right audience – you need to stop doing the same things everyone else is doing and learn to develop a platform that tells people what they can expect from you without the “dog and pony” show.


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