I say ghostwriter loosely as I still have a lot to learn, although my successes as of late have been phenomenal. I’ll get to that in a bit.

I’ve been writing books for the last several years. And, writing articles and blogs for clients ever since. So, on the whole scheme of things I’m rather new to the world of ghostwriting. All disclaimers of my newness as a ghostwriter aside…I’ve actually been writing my whole life. Well, I won’t bore you with all the details or my life history…but lets just say that…I started writing in college then picked it back up when I became an entrepreneur forced to write my own marketing and sales letters.

In the last few years I found that I’m good enough to charge lots of money for what I do.

Yep, that’s what a ghostwriter does…he/she writes for a living. Well, truth be told a ghostwriter writes so others get credit for it.

And that’s exactly what happens.

Let me explain…

A ghostwriter is someone who is paid by someone else to write as them and sadly gets no recognition other than a pat on the back and maybe an “atta boy” congratulatory praise.

But we do feel the excitement when the blog or article we wrote for someone goes viral. We feel a sense of accomplishment, of pride…of owning it!

I wrote that“, is shouted loud and clear so everyone can hear, if only those people (the audience) was actually in your head to hear the shouts. Sadly, very few know your secret and those that do have been sworn to secrecy.

I recently wrote an article for a client (name withheld) for an online magazine (again name withheld) that ended up going viral. The article was shared over 2000 times on Facebook, hundreds of times on Twitter and was mentioned multiples times on Pinterest and other social networks. The client said I hit an “out of the park grand slam homer“…and the ball was never found again.

The online magazine was so amazed at the traffic generated from that one article that they are now planning to monetize the article to bring even more people to their website.

Yep, another pat on the back for me. A huge “your article rocks” for my client.

That’s the life of a professional ghostwriter!

Hey, it’s not glorious…but, I wouldn’t change a thing.

I love what I do…I love helping clients…and I love writing.

And, although I don’t see my name in lights so to speak…I get the satisfaction of knowing my clients are soaring high from the very words I use to describe them, how they help their fans or the benefits clients receive from using their services.

If you’d like to learn more about how I can help you with your next article, book or corporate ghostwriting project visit me HERE!

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