LinkedIn can be a valuable resource to build fantastic connections…

…when used the right way!

This is not one of them.

May 11 – LinkedIn Member: Hi Rob, I hope everything is going well with you and business is thriving. Would love to connect, learn a bit more about you and expand our mutual networks. Cheers, Mikel

May 12 – LinkedIn Member is now a connection

May 15 – LinkedIn Member: Hi Rob, Thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to staying in touch and hope you have a great week! Mikel

May 17 – LinkedIn Member: Hi Rob, Here’s an article I thought you may find useful. It’s part of a series I wrote to help business owners and social sellers get more meetings and grow sales with LinkedIn. I’d love to get your feedback on this. How are you using LinkedIn to grow your business? Have a great day! Mikel
Me: do you know what I do?
LinkedIn Member: Hopefully what your profile says Rob?
Rob Anspach: but have you actually looked at it
LinkedIn Member: Hey Rob, by all means go ahead and make the point you want to make my friend. I’m here to build relations, add value and help people that want it. Mikel.
Rob Anspach: then lead with that – build the relationship first and foremost not hey here’s some article I think you might like about a subject you already teach and have written books about – had you actually learned who I was and got to know me – then you could have catered your message differently

May 18 – LinkedIn MemberYou have a reasonable point. If we met at conference or networking event, yes and when you scale that out as I have done then you learn building relationships at scale means leading with giving. Adding value at scale starts conversations. Here we are having a conversation – half of my objective. Next, I’ve also learned that no expert gets there by assuming they know everything. In my case, I have 2 mastermind groups ensuring I’m on top of things and you probably have mentors and similar, to get to where you are. At the same time, if I had of pitched you right out the gate we would not be having any conversation.
Me: I’m not sure that this a conversation – more like a retort on my “do you know what I do” remark. So it goes back to building that relationship from the get go. And I’ll end with that and say adios.

Lately, that’s the typical conversation I have with new people I connect with on LinkedIn. They just don’t understand that you have to build the relationship first, they just want to slam you with their marketing message. Then they try to defend their actions by being smarmy. 

The best way to connect with anyone be it on LinkedIn or any social network is to just say “HI” or “Thanks for connecting, I’m going to read over your profile in more detail to see how we can better serve each other.”

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