3 back to back nuisance calls.

#1) caller ID shows a local number
Me: Hello
Caller: you called?
Me: what do you mean I called
Caller: you called my number and I’m returning the call
Me: hmm, doubtful, but I think you’re testing the line for a live person.
Caller hung up.

Five minutes later…

#2) From 1800-945-2000 Chase Card (NOT)
Me: hello
Caller: this is Card Services
Me: the number comes up as Chase – are you Card Services or Chase?
Caller: Sir we are Card Services representing Chase, Citi, Bank of America Visa and MasterCard
Me: what do you want
Caller: we want to give you a lower interest rate
Me: great let’s have it
Caller: can you tell me the last 4 digits of your highest balance card
Me: no
Caller: and why not
Me: because I think we should play a game
Caller: what are the last 4 digits
Me: yes that’s the game…guess the digits
Caller: no sir just tell me the numbers
Me: oh don’t be a stick in the mud, guess
Caller hung up

4 minutes later…

#3 call from ‭+1 (797)966
Me: yo what ya want
Caller: This is Card Services offering you a lower interest on your credit cards.
Me: sorry I beat you to it
Caller: Sir?
Me: I just broke into this home, tied the owners up and stole their credit cards, jewelry and car keys. Oh and I’m taking their phones too.
Caller: so they won’t be able to receive calls?
Me: nope
Caller hung up.

So how do you avoid these calls?
Well, the best answer is to get rid of your phones.
Yes, I know that is not an option for most people.
So, for those who can not do without their phones, then maybe using apps like Nomorobo for your landline and Hiya (or some other app) for your mobile is your best defense.
Those programs I mentioned above do tend to block 90% of the calls, but unfortunately, the spammers find new numbers to call from. And, so the cycle of annoyance continues.
The “Do Not Call” lists the government insists people join doesn’t seem to do diddly squat in stopping the calls either. 
So the best recommendation is if you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer the call. 

Avoid getting ripped off by a scammer and learn the art of wasting their time…

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Rob Versus The Scammers

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