When doing live videos, like on Facebook, do you acknowledge all the people that are commenting, or do you continue to go about your frame of reference, and don’t acknowledge anybody until the end?

Hey, I’m Rob Anspach. You know, what I’ve noticed is I try very hard not the acknowledge the people that are on, or commenting, liking. The reason why is maybe I want to use the video for a future piece. I can’t use it if I’m constantly commenting on people, plus the fact that I find it very distracting. When a person has a thought in their head, and they’re trying to get it across, then they stop to acknowledge all the new people showing to see them. Then they lose their train of thought, they’re like a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car…they freeze up and they don’t know what they were going to say.

Live video is great.

I think it’s an amazing technology that brings us closer to the vision of the Jetsons (the cartoon from my childhood). You know, we get that instant news feeling being able to see somebody, to hear somebody. We think, “Wow. They’re live.”

I think that the whole scrolling thing, and posting thing, and acknowledging people on your live video takes away from that feeling of … I don’t know…It’s just, to me, it’s not something that I like to do.

I like to get my thoughts out. I like to just keep on rolling. I don’t like to acknowledge. Then, if I want to use the video down the road for something else, I can because I didn’t stop to acknowledge 100 people.

If you want to make long, long live videos and where you’re acknowledging everybody, and you’re not going to use it down the road, great, do it. I find that it can be distracting. The people that are commenting, if they see that some people are being acknowledged, and they’re not being acknowledged, they’re not going to come back.

Strike a balance.

Do some videos where you’re acknowledging. Do some videos where you’re not. Then, the ones that you’re not, you can use for future.

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