Over the last month I finished writing 2 books for clients. The first book was about staying healthy after weight loss surgery, the other was about one man’s journey to overcome his cancer. Both will change lives.

Both of those books followed a process.

From start to finish there is a great deal that goes into writing a book. Oh, no it’s not just “hey, tell me your story and I’ll pen it to paper.” There’s a lot involved before the book writing process even begins.

First, there’s a phone call. The client calls to express interest and if having a book written for them is worth it. To the majority, they see the potential a book can give them but they just don’t have the financial means at that time. Hey, I get it. When I started writing my books my main concern was putting food on the table for my family. But the very first book I wrote created opportunities I didn’t have before: speaking, consulting and ultimately helping other write their book. That first book changed my stars.

Next, if they want to proceed, there’s a contract. Yep, there’s always a contract. It just protects both parties and keeps us accountable to our clients. It spells out all the conditions, all the procedures and what should be expected from all involved.

After the contract is finalized we start the interview process. We structure a set of video, audio or face to face interviews where we learn more about you. These interviews can cover a day if face to face or over a set period of time if through video or audio technologies.

Once the interviews are complete we take all the recordings and notes and have them transcribed. Those transcriptions will be the basis of turning your thoughts, experiences, journeys and pain into something others will enjoy reading.

Now the writing begins. Sometimes, based on the subject it doesn’t take long and everything flows swimmingly, other times, we must take a pause to gather research or send an email, “Hey what did you mean when you said____”.  When you’re dealing with technical terms that the average reader doesn’t know, well, you try to make sure those words are explained in as simple terms as possible.

Editing and lay out come next. These two might seem like two different stages but for us, they seem to be always done about the same time. While we are editing we are analyzing the contents and making sure certain areas of the book flow or if that subject should be first or last in line or if maybe Chapter 4 should actually be Chapter 2 or vice versa.

When we are satisfied that the book reads and flows the way its intended, then we will work with a graphic artist to create a set of covers. These covers need to inspire, compel or create a sense of curiosity to pick up the book and buy it. The right cover can make or break sales…so cover design is very important.

Finally, we get your book on Amazon and into the hands of the global reader. Your book is on it’s way to helping you create a legacy.

You ready to begin?

All it takes is that first phone call.

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