What The Frick?

I saw a so-called guru post “I’m back and I have a new course that will definitely help you make money, live a better life and…” and they end the post with “comment YES and I’ll DM the deets.”

So, I went to their profile and they haven’t posted anything in 6 months. Yet, they want their followers to believe that this new shiny course will help them overcome all their problems.

Oh, and the course was being sold for $1599.

Hah, the only person who is benefitting from the sale of this course is the guru selling it. And after selling a bunch they will again disappear for another 6 months and pop back up with a new course to sell to all those desperate enough to fall for it. 

Before buying any course from anyone check out their profile, check their history, discover more about them. Ask questions. Verify. 

Don’t let your emotions blind you into buying something that really won’t benefit you. It will only make you poorer and more desperate for the next “best thing“. 

If you desire help to improve your business…

The people I recommend you check out would be Lee MilteerTony RubleskiSteve SimsSteve GamlinRyan DeissSteve SipressChristine SchlonskiJoe PolishAdam WittyBen Gay IIIKevin Thompson and, of course, I’m always honored to help those who come to me.

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