If you go to someone’s social media personal or business page and all the posts are glossy images, professional photos and videos that just scream “look at me”…that’s a clear indication you are dealing with a narcissist. 

So if you are a narcissist but don’t want to give the appearance as such then I would suggest you mix up your posts with…

  • some raw unedited videos,
  • non-professional photos,
  • and eliminate the “look at me, look at what I’m doing, look again” type of posts.

Why do I suggest these tips?

I’ve dealt with many entrepreneurs over the last decade who think they are “the bees knees”, “the cat’s pajamas”, “all that and a bag of chips”, “the gift sent from above” and let me tell you once they allow their narcissistic tendencies to infiltrate their social media platforms, their engagement will tank.

So what do these narcissists do?

They pump out more posts that scream “hey over here, look at me”. Instead of posting once a day, they are posting 2, 3, 4 or more times a day to get people to pay attention to them.

Everything has to be perfect for them. The posts need to show only the good things, and they have to be finely crafted.

That’s not how social media works, not at all.

I helped a client a few years ago and all the posts that went viral, that had the most impact on his business were raw, rough cut videos, pictures and articles that showed people the benefit of his services and what they could expect as a result. My client made millions in sales, but wasn’t happy because the images, videos and posts weren’t polished and professional.

So, the client and I parted ways and he turned over the social media to someone who said “YES” to all his wishes. Within a month the engagement was down 30%. Over a 90 day period the overall engagement had dropped 50% over the prior 90 days. Over the next year the engagement continued to fall. It was now off 90% from the year before.

Imagine a page with over 30,000 followers and only getting 8-10 likes per post, no comments and zero shares. When a year prior that same page was getting 80-100 likes, 20-30 comments and dozens of shares. All because the posts had to be a certain way to appease the narcissist in charge.

Again if you don’t wish to give the appearance of being a narcissist, then change up how you appear to others in your social postings.

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