Do you lose respect for celebrities when they start to preach politics?

I sure do.

Yes, they are just like you and me…well, no they’re not, they are celebrities.

We see them as different, as elevated in status, as influential, as movie stars, as sports figures, sometimes as people who we want to be more like.

But when they start spouting off their political views in hopes of tipping the scale one way or another how much do you stop thinking of them as celebrities and start thinking of them as just another nimrod who doesn’t know anything.

We lose faith in them as celebrities the moment they let their political opinions known. We lose trust in them. Politics becomes the disconnect that leads you away from being a fan.

Yes, they want to have a voice in this world just like you, however as a celebrity they are put on a pedestal and they use their status as a platform to sway their fans towards their way of thinking.

Oh, but you might be saying, “What is the difference in them preaching politics and pushing products?”

There lies the rub. You see most people know when a celebrity is endorsing a product…and in most cases the advertisement is structured to be nice, compelling and has some sort of call to action that viewer must take.

When a celebrity endorses a political agenda they do so from their own personal opinionated stance that isn’t compelling, or thought out or even nice…in most cases it’s coming from a place of anger and fear.

Some individuals are enthralled in the notion that their celebrity feels the same as they do about a certain subject. Yet, most are turned off by the idea that their celebrity has gone “off the rails” and is only using their influence to control the outcome of a vote.

So as much as I like certain celebrities for what they do…when they try to be political…my trust for them goes out the window. But hey, maybe it’s just me.

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